Want an Iconic View? Here’s What It’ll Cost

House hunters looking for views of Central Park or the Golden Gate Bridge should be prepared to break the bank.

When it comes to finding luxury living spaces, location isn’t the only thing that potential buyers are looking for. According to, views are another thing that stand out to house hunters. But securing the best views of the country’s most well-known attractions comes with a high price tag. That’s why the publication took a deeper look at how much buyers are willing to pay for a view.

The median listing price on a home overlooking Central Park in Manhattan, New York is $3,795,000, meaning that its premium on a great view is 39.9 percent. A view of San Francisco, California’s Golden Gate Bridge, on the other hand, comes at a 33.1 percent premium, with the median list price for homes with views reaching the $2,540,000 mark. Other in-demand views include Miami Beach in Florida, Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois and the famed Las Vegas Strip. determined these rates by comparing the prices of all the homes for sale in locations that have access to the best views. They then compared that data with similar-size properties in adjacent zip codes without a view.

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