Forbes: Only 34 Percent of Homes Have Recovered from the Recession

A new study from Trulia suggests that the majority of individual homes haven’t surpassed their pre-recession peak values.

Over the past few years, the housing market has been attempting to bounce back from the Great Recession. However, a new study from Trulia shows that only 34 percent of homes have surpassed their pre-recession peak values.

The study, which is sited by Forbes, looks at the value of homes individually instead of grouping them together. And despite the fact that only a minority of homeowners could sell today for more than they could at the peak, the percentage of homes that are fully recovered from the Recession is rising. However, data from Tulia suggests that it’ll take until September of 2025 for all homes to touch their pre-crisis peak.

Ralph McLaughlin, Trulia’s chief economist, said in an interview with Forbes, “Though the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index and the FHFA House Price Index have exceeded their pre-recession peak, you’re more likely to encounter a home in the U.S. that hasn’t recovered than has.”

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