Curbed: How Amazon is Changing Urban Planning

The moves that the retail giant is making have effects that extend far beyond consumer shopping preferences.

With nearly half of U.S. households enrolled in Amazon’s Prime program, it’s clear that the e-commerce giant has a strong influence over consumer trends. However, its reach doesn’t end there. According to a recent Curbed article, Amazon is also changing the game when it comes to urban planning.

As Amazon continues to open up retail, warehouse, showroom and shipping centers in cities across the country, the brand is silently changing the way that cities are run. With more deliveries expected to take place down the line, Amazon is reshaping commerce while simultaneously putting pressure on traditional retail stores. The brand’s network of warehouses is also impacting different sectors of the economy, including real estate.

Cooper Smith, an analyst at the New York-based business intelligence firm L2 Inc., told Curbed in an interview, “The combination of e-commerce, the decline of foot traffic and technology is going to significantly shrink the footprint of retail in brick and mortar life. What does that mean for city planners when all of that real estate is freed up for all these other uses?

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