Building a Rooftop Deck on Your Home: What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Keith Camacho of Stellar Decks Discusses the Increasing Popularity of Rooftop Decks and Tips To Make The Most of Your Home’s Space

Decks have become a popular extended living space for homeowners across the country. Especially in larger cities where space is limited, rooftop decks are a growing trend to provide an outlet for homeowners to get outdoors without leaving home.

Before getting started with the decking process, it’s important to prepare yourself and your home for the addition, to avoid any construction nightmares.

“When you live in an urban area, everything is bunched up together. The only outdoor area you really have is your roof,” explained Keith Camacho, owner of Stellar Decks and lifetime Brooklyn, New York resident. “People in cities like New York are known to utilize these spaces for entertaining because it is the only area they can really enjoy the perks of outdoor living. People are recognizing that in instances when you aren’t able to extend your space, you have to look upward.”

One important element to pay attention to is city regulations. With most residential and commercial buildings, there are certain weight restrictions and fire safety rules to keep in mind. In addition to being safe, convenience is a huge factor for homeowners to keep in mind when planning a deck.

“If there’s a fire, the wood will burn immediately,” said Camacho. “For building permit approval, everything needs to be fire rated, so composite and PVC products are typically preferred.”

In terms of the convenience factor, many people look for products that don’t take a lot of work to maintain. In cities like New York, outdoor spaces can only be enjoyed for a certain amount of time. Therefore, Camacho added that no one wants to spend all of their time staining and cleaning – they are looking for low maintenance decking.

For many of his rooftop projects, Camacho has used capped polymer (PVC) products like AZEK Decking. Capped polymer products can be cleaned with a solution as simple as soap and water and AZEK Building Products offers a variety of colors and collections, all with a 30-year fade and stain warranty, adding to convenience for homeowners.

So as the summer months heat up, if a deck is on the wish list for at your home, be prepared to accommodate city regulations, select a low-maintenance product and choose a style that will appeal to you for many years to come.

“When you get a nice week of weather, no one wants to be inside,” said Camacho. “Rooftop spaces allow people – even in the most congested cities in the country – to enjoy those days when the sun decides to come out.”