Hues of the Home

Recent trends in color that bring feelings of happiness to the home.

When walking into a home, what really sets the tone is the tone itself—the color tone, that is. Color trends have transitioned a great deal in recent years and have reached a new, fresh vibe that is quite unprecedented in the home market. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top trends in color of modern homes.

Clean Cut

In recent years, browns and beiges have reigned supreme of the color kingdom. They can still be seen adorning the walls of urban and suburban homes alike. However, the modern palette has transitioned into more greys and whites, providing a fresh slate for the homeowner to work off of. Not only does it make it easy to transition into color pops and darker hues, but it also provides a great template to work off of.

“What is great about this transition from browns and beiges to whites and greys is that these colors not only provide a clean starting point for the homeowner, but they play well with others,” said Scott Gettleman, real estate broker at @properties. “The provide really a limitless opportunity for the integration of pieces around the home in any color.”

Contrast is Key

While light colors dominate the walls of the home, dark colors that bring warmth to a room are trending in floors. Because lighter colors on walls brighten up a space, it is important that they be contrasted with a warm, darker wood color selection. It creates more of a homey feel that the homeowners are sure to notice.

“Wood floors in a semi-dark hue paired with lighter walls brings just the right amount of contrast,” Gettleman said. “It provides the homeowner with more control over the hues in their space. This is a trend that I have seen going from urban homes all the way to suburban ones.”

Neutralize to look Brand New

While contrasting color combinations provide a great deal of control for the homeowner, it is important for those selling their homes to use this as a base to further neutralize the home. It is vital that it appears as neutral as possible so that they feel they have a clean slate to work off of. A natural color palette matches almost anything, but further actions can be taken to neutralize the space, Gettleman says. These include weeding out dated decor, winding the home down to only two or three main colors and adding light fixtures to brighten up the space.

“We want to look at the house as a product that is as appealing as possible to the masses,” Gettleman said. “I have seen great success neutralizing condos by putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls that takes it from beige to grey, and staging it with pieces that bring a more modern, urban feel that buyers feel they can work off of.”