Home Improvement Jobs Better Left for the Experts

Even though HGTV makes home improvement projects seem simple, saving some jobs for the professionals will save you time and money.

Home renovation projects not only create a custom space you are happy to live in. But depending on the types of improvements you make, they also can increase a home’s value. While walking through your home, there is always that one thing you wish you could change or renovate. Whether it’s painting your home office a productive color or installing a refreshing rain shower head in your master bathroom, there’s always the idea of a “dream home” that everyone’s chasing. However, while it’s important to make those changes, you also should consider your plan of attack before getting started.

Even though HGTV makes home improvement seem simple, there are specific projects a homeowner with little renovation background should not take on. Not only can they be dangerous, but it can “burn you down the road,” according to Andrew Gorski, an expert in the home remodeling field, by costing you more money in the long run. To avoid that potential problem, he provided ESTATENVY with some insight on jobs better left to the experts.

Gorski explains that taking on a project yourself or hiring a worker from the hardware store instead of a trade expert can lead to a faulty fix-up. He says that for home renovation experts, “a third of the work we get called in for is cover up jobs. The work that has been done doesn’t last more than six months.” That’s why it’s better to get the job done the right way the first time. These are the tasks he recommends leaving to the experts:

Chemical Work

Jobs that call for toxic chemicals are always better left to an expert. Without proper care, the task will not be properly finished, in addition to putting yourself in a dangerous work environment. Gorski's home resurfacing business, Miracle Method, deals with harmful chemicals. Those who aren’t used to working with them can ruin equipment. Unwarranted work creates the possibility of having to redo the entire project.


How hard can it be to fix a couple of pipes? Little do people know, plumbing can be a difficult and complicated task. With many pipes winding throughout a home, an improper connection can reroute an entire plumbing system. On top of that, a pipe or valve that is not attached properly can lead to leaks. It is best to be patient and wait for a plumber to stop by and fix any sort of piping or water distribution system.


Much like plumbing, the electrical wiring throughout your home is not something to take lightly. The intricacy behind the project is better left for experts. A cut corner or easy mistake can reroute your power. Gorski says he has “seen times when people get it right, but it backfires down the road.” He brought up that building codes change frequently and only someone in the field would be in tune with those changes. If you’re trying to sell your renovated home and the electricity isn’t up to code, it will cost you even more money. An expert would have done it the proper way.

A simple home renovation project can be a fun, cost-effective task that empowers homeowners to take control of their space. However, do proceed with caution, because some projects might be a bite too big for a rookie remodeler. If that’s the case, do not hesitate to bring in an expert to complete or even help with the job. It will save you money and time in the long run, and also will leave your home—and yourself—out of danger.