The Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Design Inspo

These handles provide interior design inspiration from unexpected places.

Inspiration for interior design can come from just about everywhere: architecture, graphic design, fashion and beauty, and more. Think outside the pages of Elle Decor and take a look at the handles we’ve selected below. You’ll find a wide range of backgrounds with one common thread: an eye for beautiful design.


This party planner to the stars turned lifestyle expert offers a glimpse into celebrity parties, down to every last impeccable detail. Follow her for beautiful tablescapes, inspired decor and entertaining ideas -- and stick around for the celebrity sightings.


Berkus is a former Oprah protege who has made a name in his own right, with his own (now canceled) talk show, a wildly successful design house, Nate Berkus interiors, a home goods line at Target, and a TLC reality show Nate & Jeremiah By Design. His account offers shots of his design projects, details into how he’s designed his own home and his beautiful daughter Poppy and son Oskar.


For color inspiration, look no further. This account relies on crowdsourced images to put together beautiful color palettes. A recent post of a beach at sunset was paired with a gorgeous palette of pinks, blues and purples, which would be a perfect palette to use for a little girl’s room, guest bathroom or throw pillows.


The millennials / avocado toast joke lives on. This account showcases craveworthy homes that fit a millennial demographic, paired with clever, tongue-in-cheek plays on pop culture. Think a midcentury modern living room paired with “Sticks and stones may break my bones but midcentury will never hurt me.”


Dedicated to showcasing modern design, Design Milk provides inspiration from futuristic kinetic doors to sleek floor-based chairs to a pink color installation and more. Whether you’re a minimalist or just love looking at pretty pictures of cool stuff, Design Milk has got you covered.


David Milan is a talented graphic designer who uses typography and various media (think chalk, ballpoint pen, paint) to create beautiful prints. Follow him to learn about how to match colors and textures in ways you’d never expect.


Even if you roll your eyes at the thought of following a fashion blogger, take a look at Jessa Kae. Her posts showcase her clothes, of course, but also beautiful tablescapes, home decor, flower arrangements and more. Check out the materials and textures in her clothes but look beyond Jessa in the photos to draw inspiration from the backdrop.


Kelly Wearstler started out as an interior designer for hotels, before designing properties for celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz and opening her own interiors store in Los Angeles. Her Insta features snaps from her travels, with beautiful backdrops, materials, furniture and lighting -- all showing her unmatched eye for style.


This design duo’s beautifully curated account draws inspiration for both indoor and outdoor decor. Scroll through to see a lush master bedroom, custom built-in bookshelves, matte black cabinetry, and more, as well as their work for celebrity clients like Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts and Mindy Kaling.


If you follow Andy Cohen, you’ve no doubt seen Eric Hughes’ work in action. Cohen recently hired Hughes to design both his home and the Watch What Happens Live set. Hughes pairs whimsical prints with eye catching colors, like Cohen’s Studio-54 inspired bathroom with gold wallpaper emblazoned with cherries and prints of Diane Von Furstenberg, Madonna and more.