Life Drives Success | Episode 12 Matt Friedman

Nick Powills catches up with future-minded entrepreneurs to learn how they claimed their one inch of difference.

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On this week's episode of Life Drives Success, Nick interviews Matt Friedman, co-founder and CEO of Wing Zone. The two talk about how Matt's love of chicken wings propelled him to start his own delivery business at age 20. Met with a lot of doubt at the beginning of their business journey, Matt and his business partner's genuine desire to prove to everyone that their chicken wing delivery concept could succeed was a key part in how Wing Zone has thrived over the last 25 years.
Life Drives Success is a podcast hosted by Nick Powills, author of "Sticks & Stones: Building Entrepreneurial Success from Life's Struggles."
The way Powills sees it? People are born entrepreneurial, it's not a trait. We all possess this internal drive, however, life works in such a way that not all of us get the chance to capitalize. For Powills, lemonade stands and baseball card sales were the early manifestations of that innate entrepreneurial spirit; it was the bullying he endured at an early age, however, that served as that first point of motivation to succeed.
As the CEO of content marketing agency No Limit Agency and publisher of digital content hubs 1851 Franchise and ESTATENVY, Powills funnels his creative energy into telling the stories that move people. Life Drives Success is a vehicle to satiate curiosity, explore new ideas and connect with others in a way that generates motivation, getting to the heart of that entrepreneurial spirit that exists within us all.